10 Great ways to cut food waste

It is estimated there is 6.7 million tons of food waste in the UK every year, 6.7 million. That is just an insane amount of food to be throwing away, not only are we wasting money but the whole process of producing the food and everything that goes with it is wasted.

Over the last few years, we have tried to cut down our food waste, it has got better for us, but it could be so much better still.

Since we have been working on our food waste, I try really hard to use up leftovers in our meal plan for the next week or as a traybake. Our leftover chicken curry is a great way to use up leftovers. Pasta sauce is also a great way to use up some ingredients too. I asked the blogging community for some tips on how they cut food waste, hopefully, some of this will give you a little inspiration.

10 Great ways to cut food waste

10 Tips on how to cut your food waste

Keeping the skin on vegetables helps cut down on food waste and can provide extra nutrients, for example, potato skins are full of fibre. If you really do have to peel then don’t let it go to waste. Bake carrot and parsnip peel in the oven for tasty vegetable crisps, use leaves and stalks to make stock or boil up everything into a tasty soup.

We meal plan according to what we have left in the fridge and freezer. This helps me research new recipes to try and also stops me from throwing away half the veg drawer at the end of the week.

Only cook what you need, if you have a pack of 8 sausages and you really only need 4, take 4 out and wrap up the others in a freezer bag and save for another day, but don’t forget to write on the bag when you froze them!

  • Understand the difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ – beemoneysavvy.com
The use-by date on food is about safety. Foods can be eaten (and often frozen) until the use-by date but not after. It’s important to follow the use-by date as these are used for foods that may contain bacteria if stored for too long. Make a note of the best before date when you buy food and make sure to have a plan to use it before it goes out of date.
The best before date is about quality. The food may be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best. Food with a best before date can often be eaten much later than the date suggests.
10 Great ways to cut food waste
When I buy meat from the supermarket I take them out of the packaging and individually wrap the portions I need with cling film and place in the freezer. This saves waste, space and money!
Oranges lemons and other citrus fruits last weeks longer in the fridge. Cut slices and wedges freeze them ready to add to cocktails drinks or your gin and tonic. Avocado rub lemon on the cut half and wrap in cling film to prevent them going brown. Soft carrots can be recovered by topping and tailing and place them in cold water.
Ginger root, garlic, lemons, limes, chilli peppers, lemongrass all can be placed in a freezer bag – even if cut or half used – and then directly grated into meals that require them from the freezer! Also keeps little bits you might need always available.
If you find you rarely get through a whole loaf of bread or pack of cheese before the use-by date, try freezing them in separate slices or portions. You can then take out what you need when you need it. You can also freeze eggs if they’re properly prepared, chopped herbs, butter, veggies (including chopped or sliced onions), cake, mashed overripe bananas as ‘nice’ cream, and even wine in ice cube trays.
I often cook double the amount when it’s just my partner and me. Then I freeze the remaining portions for another meal. However, when there are all seven of us at home eating, this doesn’t happen, but it means for those who are fussy or have intolerances, I can grab a meal out the night before, defrost and prepare alongside the main meal for everyone.
Peel and freeze browning bananas instead of wasting them. Blend with your favourite milk to make a quick and easy frozen banana milkshake. Yum!
Hopefully, some of these tips will help you reduce your food waste and save you a few pounds in the process.
10 Great ways to cut food waste
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