10 Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

I love a good kitchen gadget and now have a new favourite, our CRIMPiT.

After seeing it pop up on my Instagram before Christmas, I decided to take a punt on one and see what all the fuss was about and I have not been disappointed. It has been used pretty much every day since we purchased it!

If you have not heard of CRIMPiT, it is a simple gadget that uses Warburton Thins (I haven’t found another brand that sells Thins yet!) and crimps them into a sealed pocket. You can fill it with whatever fillings you like and eat it hot or cold so it is the perfect all-around lunch/snack!

10 Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

For me, I heat mine up in the toaster however they cook through in the air fryer or the oven should you want to. As I have said though, you don’t need to heat them at all if you don’t want to. The kids take them to school for their lunch as an alternative to sandwiches some days. Now you have the gadget and you are probably wondering what CRIMPiT filling ideas you should start with, here are my favourites!

10 Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

These CRIMPiT recipes are my own CRIMPiT recipe book, adapt them as you need for your own preference.

Hot CRIMPiT fillings –

  • Beans and cheese – Keep it simple with this one and just go straight for the beans and cheese. Be careful not to overfill your pocket though as you may have beans escaping!
  • Pizza pocket – I love these as you can adapt them to your choice, for me it is straightforward with just ham, cheese and tomato puree but you can adapt it to your taste.
  • Sweet chilli chicken, cheese, red onion and sweet chilli sauce – If you go for this, I would recommend heating the chicken first to make sure it is cooked all the way through. Then just add all the ingredients to the pocket and away you go.
  • BBQ Cheese – A healthy dollop of BBQ sauce and cheese is all you need, however, I do love red onion added to mine.

Cold CRIMPiT fillings –

  • Tuna mayo and salad – Mix a tin of tuna, some mayo, spring onion, small chunks of pepper and cucumber in a bowl and pack out your CRIMPiT—perfect filling for lunch on the go at work.
  • Corned beef and pickle – So simple but delicious!
  • Beef and horseradish sauce – Leftover roast on the go, this pocket will give you a little warm feeling as you combine the perfect match! If you don’t have leftover beef, I find it just as tasty as the sliced beef you can get in the supermarkets.
  • Ham salad – If you can make it into a sandwich, it will go in your CRIMPiT, pack your favourite salad choices into your thin with a healthy amount of ham.

Sweet CRIMPiT fillings –

  • S’Mores – This is the kids favourite choice, they go for a healthy amount of chocolate spread and a few marshmallows. Heated up in the toasted for a tasty sweet treat.
  • Banana and chocolate – Slices of banana with chocolate spread, like above popped into the thin and toasted for a sweet kick!

Can you use bread in your CRIMPiT?

I have tried bread in the CRIMPiT and it does work but I prefer mine with the thins. They just didn’t feel as filling or taste as nice when toasted. If you want to use bread, make sure you put just a little bit of water around the seal point to help them hold.

When you use bread, make sure you use the bit leftover to make some breadcrumbs or croutons to save on wastage as there is quite a bit left from a slice.

10 Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

10 Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

We have only had our CRIMPiT for a few weeks now and love it, but I can’t wait to see what other tasty filling suggestions we can come across. One I would love to try out is the steak and cheese option, using tinned stewing beef, you can recreate Gregg’s bake apparently. So I will give that one a try and report back on how I find it, keep an eye on our savoury section as I will add it in there!

If you have a CRIMPiT, I’d love to hear your favourite fillings as I know these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CRIMPiT recipes.

Tasty CRIMPiT Fillings

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    1. I’ve used raspberry jam and custard as a sweet option too. Warmed it through in the air fryer. Lovely

  1. How much fun does this look, my 11 year old might even make her own snacks if we had this. We start with a classic ham & cheese

  2. I have just seen an advert for chicken and a dollop of tikka sauce ! Made me order amd search for more ideas

  3. how long do they need to go in the oven for please , say for beans and cheese filling

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