Cooking Basics: Roast Chicken.

Cooking a Roast Chicken can be a daunting prospect for a novice cook, but it’s much easier then you might think. My only advice would be to start simple. That’s to say, don’t get too fancy with season rubs or basting the meat while it cooks. A plain chicken cooked just right is juicy, delicious and heartwarming. Nail the basics and you’ll soon be on your way to creating your own tasty recipes.

A general rule for any meat that you are roasting is to take it out of the fridge one hour before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. This will help the meat be more succulent once cooked.

There is one little trick to remember to help keep the meat juicy. Once the roast chicken has finished cooking, leave it to rest upside down for 10-15 minutes before you carve it. The juices will flow back through the meat as it rests!

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, why not rub some herbs or spices into the skin before cooking? Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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Cooking Basics: Roast Chicken

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