Cranberry and white chocolate cookies

We love cookies in our household and they don’t come much better than these cranberry and white chocolate cookies. Cranberry and white chocolate is the perfect flavour combination. It gives you the perfect fruity hit, whilst it is capturing the sweet taste of chocolate.

This recipe is a spin-off from our double chocolate chip cookies recipes that we published last year. However, the kids think that this one is even better! I think that may be down to the sweet kick of cranberries. If you are not a fan of cranberries, you can create a tasty combination using dried raspberries or even apricots.

Cranberry and white chocolate cookies.

Now, if you don’t want your cookies to turn into rocks there is a simple solution to this. Always take your cookies out just as they start to turn golden and crisp up. Then whilst they are cooling they will get that perfect crunch on the outside with the soft centre.

If you want to add a little extra to these cookies, you can add additional chocolate or cranberries whilst they are cooling. Simply pop in some extra treats on the top of the cookies whilst they are on the baking tray, they will melt enough to blend in but stay chunky as they cool.

As we go through the year we will be sharing more of our favourite cookies and bakes recipes, including our luxurious brownies and delicious blondies recipes. We want to show you that you can enjoy the treats at home without the need for too much effort or random ingredients.

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Cranberry and white chocolate cookies

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  1. […] Cranberry and white chocolate cookies – Ok cookies are always a winner in our house and these are our favourite! The combination of cranberry and white chocolate just can not be beaten and they do not stick around long in our house. If you are a fan of cookies, this recipe is the great basis for your cookies and you can just adjust the flavour combination to suit your tastes. Why not try it out with double chocolate chips or maybe even chocolate orange. Either way, no matter what you make, they won’t stick around long! […]

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