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We are in the middle of January and it feels like the longest month of the year. It is also the time of the year when we all go between that healthy eating kick-start and sod it, I’ve only got convenience food in the house to eat so that is what I am having. SimplyCook is here to help with this problem and get you back on track with your passion for cooking.

Now, you are probably wondering what SimplyCook is. It is a subscription service which delivers meal kits directly to your front door. It doesn’t come with fresh ingredients, you can purchase these when you want to but it means that the additional 4-6 fresh ingredients won’t go to waste as you only get them when you need them.

It is a great way for you to try out new meals for your family without having to purchase a number of different spice mixes or pastes that you might never use again. I also found it great for us to try new meals that we may not have considered in the past. We always find ourselves having the same meals over and over, as it is hard to get inspiration when you are faced with buying lots of new ingredients that you are not sure you will need again.

The boxes are delivered to you via the Royal Mail and you have the choice when you sign up to the subscription service whether you would like to have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery which is great depending on your needs. When you sign up, you input your bank details for the subscription, so just remember that if you want to cancel, you will need to do so before the funds are taken from your bank accounts.

What I love about these recipe kits is the fact you can try your first box for £3, and the delivery is free! When you sign up you can select your meals and with your online account, you are able to adjust your following meal boxes to suit your flavour preference.

As you now know about the recipe kit service, let’s move on.

How does SimplyCook work?

With your delivery, you receive 4 recipe boxes and recipe cards. With each set, you have your short shopping lists for the ingredients you need to complement your kit. I love the fact that you purchase your own fresh ingredients to complete the meal as it means you can cook when you are ready to but also if you are like us, sometimes you want to make a meal that uses what you have to reduce food waste, so this ties into that perfectly.

The fabulous flavour pots are not just a combination of herbs and spices, their professional chefs work hard to make a combination of pots, pastes and infused oils packed full of authentic flavours. None of the pots can be brought from the supermarket, each spice blend is unique to SimplyCook.

I started our trial with their Penne alla Rustica and it was delicious. I am a huge fan of chorizo and it is the perfect combination to have with pasta. Not having to think too much about what I needed to get to make this recipe was great when I was short on time after work.

One of the things I love about these recipes is how quick they are to make. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish to get hot meals on the table which is perfect for busy people but you also don’t need a huge kitchen equipped with the latest gadgets either! It is made for everyone, even those with small kitchens like us. All their kits are for 2-4 people but we have found them more than generous portions for the 4 of us.

We are going to continue making these our new recipes mid-week trial, hopefully opening up the meal options for our fussy children!

How much is SimplyCook per month?

If you are planning to give these a try, they are not currently offering a free box when you pay postage but are offering a box with 4 kits and delivery for just £3. Head over and check them out. They also offer gifting options too, which would be great for a housewarming gift or even for sending your kids off to uni!

After the offer above expires, you will be charged £9.99 per box plus £1.50 delivery. As I mentioned earlier, you can amend how often you receive the boxes and even cancel your subscription.

For those looking for a little more inspiration, head on over to our savoury section to see what else we have been cooking.

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