Easy puff pastry cheese straws

Easy puff pastry cheese straws

I don’t know about anyone else, but since our children have been homeschooling, we are going through so much food! These cheese straws are the perfect snack that everyone can enjoy and make perfect treats with a film.

These are so easy to make, they literally take minutes to prepare and a short time to cook. I have to say though, eaten straight from the oven, they are delicious. They taste amazing cold too and would be perfect in lunch boxes or as a movie night treat.

Easy puff pastry cheese straws Easy puff pastry cheese straws

What I love most about them though is how you can adapt it to your taste, so if love strong cheese, make sure you go for extra mature. If you are not a lover of cheesy flavour, a mild cheddar will work just as well.

Easy puff pastry cheese straws

The kids love these as they are tasty and I love them because they are cheap and quick to make.

Puff pastry is something we always have in our fridge. Now I know how to make it, but why waste time and effort when the shop brought pack is just as good. You can create so many great recipes from puff pastry, from sweet to savoury. It is also perfect for using up leftover ingredients in quick pies and pastry tarts and these puff pastry cheese straws.

Now that these are such a hit, next on our list to try out is puff pasty pizza rolls. Pizza is the kids favourite dinner choice, so I’m hoping to come up with a recipe that can be eaten hot or cold and can be kept for lunch.

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