Pressure cooker gammon - quick and simple

Pressure cooker gammon – quick and simple

Pressure cooker gammon is so quick and simple it is the perfect mid-week meal. Before we purchased a pressure cooker, we always slow cooked our gammon in the slow cooker. Although this was delicious, it was time-consuming and sometimes after a busy day you want to serve dinner quickly.

Neither the pressure cooker nor slow cooker method requires much effort on your part, both are very simple to make. The only difference is the time taken to cook, one is about 6-8 hours and the other is 30 minutes.

Now in this household, gammon can be eaten a whole variety of ways, here are just some of our favourite dinner suggestions.

Pressure cooker gammon - quick and simple

Our pressure cooker gammon recipe suggestions

  • Gammon and mash
  • Gammon with new potatoes and salad
  • Piccalilli and gammon rolls
  • Egg, gammon and chips
  • Ham and pea soup

Just a few suggestions, then there are the leftovers that you can use in sandwiches and salads for a few days after. As long as it is stored in an airtight container in the fridge, it will be good for 3 days. Another bonus to gammon is just how cheap it is, for a few pounds you can have a few meals worth of delicious gammon.

Here is our recipe for a yummy pressure cooker gammon that the whole family will love.

In the coming weeks, we are planning on using our pressure cooker more to save us some time in the evenings, come back to find out more of these recipes and other delicious recipes for the whole family.

For now though, if you are looking for a family favourite dinner idea, how about our cooking basics roast chicken. Perfect for the whole family and great for leftovers too. We are also working hard to share some delicious looking recipes on our Pinterest page which you can find here.

Pressure cooker gammon - quick and simple

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