Best leftover turkey recipe suggestions

It is that time of the year where we all have leftovers in the house!  If you have some leftover turkey, here are some suggestions to make sure it doesn't go to waste.

Leftover turkey works amazingly in a curry. Whether you are going for a more traditional curry or something more like a biryani, all works well.


Everything on a roast works just as well in a pie. Whether you make the pastry yourself or choose shop brough pastry, it will be delicious.


Leftover turkey works well in a toasted sandwich, ciabatta or slider. Then all you need to choose is your sauce, go for cranberry or mix it up?


Whether it is enchiladas or a chili, the spices used in Mexican food are perfect for having with turkey. If you would use chicken, you can use leftover turkey.


What is not to love about using up veggies and turkey in a soup recipe. You can add to this either potatoes, rice or even pasta to make it a more substantial meal.


45 Best leftover turkey recipes that are easy to make

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