The best way to cook gammon

The Family Cookbook

Gammon is a popular cut of meat, not only is it cheap in comparison to others but it is so versatile too.

If you have a joint of gammon but are unsure how to cook it, read on!

Slow cooker gammon


This is probably my favourite way to cook gammon, simply as it is so simple.

Diet cola gammon

If you are after an easy way to cook gammon in the slow cooker, this diet cola recipe is not only simply but delicious too.

Pressure cooker


Another great way to cook gammon is in the pressure cooker. You can pop it on and leave it to cook.

Minimal fuss

Throw in some carrots, onion and seasoning with your gammon in the pressure cooker, cover with water and away you go.

What to serve with your gammon

– Gammon and mash – Piccalilli and gammon rolls – Egg, gammon and chips – Ham and pea soup – Gammon with new potatoes and salad