Easy One-Pot Chicken And Chorizo Orzo

This one pot wonder is the perfect mid-week meal, not only is it easy to make but it can be adapted to what your flavour preference is or what you have in stock. Here we look at what works well in  this dish.

The core of this dish is the perfect combination of chicken or chorizo but this could be adapted to a meat of your choice. The chorizo does add flavour with its spices, so bear this in mind if you remove it.


Peppers and onions work well in this dish but so do many others. Things such as courgette, tomatoes and spinach are a great addition to this orzo dish.


Herbs and spices can make or break a dish and this is no different.  The orzo absorbs the flavour of the stock and spices it is cooked in so make sure you add in your favourite to this dish. 


If you do not eat meat but do eat fish, you could make a delicious orzo dish but use prawns as a great alternative. Don't be limited to the ingredients on the recipe! 


With many of us looking for easy midweek meals to turn to when we are busy, we hope this recipe gets you started on a love of orzo recipes!  You can find this delicious dish over on the blog.