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  • What Is Sloe Gin & Perfect Recipes To Enjoy
    If you have found yourself here by googling “what is sloe gin” then you have come to the right place and believe it or not, sloe gin, isn’t gin at all. Sloe gin is a red liqueur made by steeping sloe berries in gin with sugar. Sloe berries are small,…
  • Delicious One-Pot Chicken And Chorizo Orzo
    This one-pot chicken and chorizo orzo dish came from a mistake on my part and yet it is delicious! We had some chicken that needed to be used up and also some chorizo that was due to go out of date soon, so I thought I would make us a…
  • Easy Cookies In The Air Fryer – How to make plus tips!
    Cookies, which are one of the easiest treats to make at home, have become even easier thanks to our air fryer. Now you are probably wondering, can I bake cookies in an air fryer? If you are, then the answer is yes! You don’t even need to have an air…
  • 20 Best Recipe Ideas Using Beef Cubes
    Beef cubes or diced beef/stewing beef as they are sometimes known is a great cut of meat when you want to create a delicious slow-cooked meal. Most of the time the fat is trimmed, making the perfect base for curries, stews and casseroles. I always find myself sticking to the…
  • How to make easy air fryer s’mores in minutes
    I am a huge fan of desserts, especially anything that involves chocolate and these air fryer s’mores hit the spot, especially as you can make them in minutes. If you are a regular here, you will know that we are big fans of our air fryer and are creating lots…
  • Easy salted caramel fudge recipe using the slow cooker
    We created this salted caramel fudge recipe during the holiday season and spent a lot of time creating homemade fudge as gifts. They were delicious however I ran out of time to share the recipe with you. As with all our fudge recipes, I cook this the easiest way possible,…
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The Family Cookbook, was established in 2001 when our family began.

Since then we have grown to a family of 4 with 2 dogs!

This site is all our family’s tried and tested recipes over the years, some of which have been family favourites passed on to us and others are ones we have discovered along the way.

Our hope is that these recipes can be passed down through not only our family generations but also yours too.

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There is nothing worse than throwing away leftovers, These recipes are great for making sure nothing goes to waste, saving not only the food but your money too!

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We love a good pudding in this household, whether it be cookies, brownies, cake or something else!

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