11 Sweets-Themed Party Games for Adults

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Sweets like candy, lollipops, and chocolate are perfect for all kinds of gatherings, be it a birthday bash, a dinner get-together, or a festive event. They not only add a delightful touch but can also double up as entertaining elements, sparing you the hassle of searching for props. Now, let’s dive into some exciting sweet-themed party games!

Chocolate Unwrapping Race

Here’s a game for friends who enjoy a little challenge at a candy-themed party. Each player gets a big, wrapped chocolate bar and has to put their hands behind their back. When you say “Go!”, players must unwrap the chocolate without using their hands. For an extra challenge, you can tie their hands. The first person to unwrap and take a bite of their chocolate wins. Good luck, and watch out for cheaters!

Candy Dice Game

This game requires a die and a stash of small wrapped candies, ideal for a sizable gathering. Participants take turns rolling the die and gathering the corresponding number of candies. The individual with the highest candy count emerges as the winner when the game concludes!

Candy Memory Tray

This game uses different chocolate bars and individually wrapped candies. Keep all the sweets in their original packaging. Set up a tray or box with these items, cover it with a cloth, and reveal it for 30 seconds. After covering it again, give everyone 30 seconds to write down as many candy items as they can remember. The person who recalls the most items correctly is both the winner and the one who gets to enjoy all the candy!

Gummy Bear Bingo

If you’re a fan of the Sweet Bonanza game, a sweets-themed slot game, then you will like Gummy Bear Bingo. Replace traditional bingo markers with gummy bears for a sweet twist on this classic game. Create bingo cards with candy-related images or names, and as numbers are called, players place a gummy bear on the corresponding space. The first to shout “Sweet Bingo!” wins a delightful prize.

Cotton Candy Limbo: Put a sugary spin on the classic limbo game by replacing the limbo stick with a cotton candy cone. Players must lean backward and navigate under the cotton candy without touching it. Lower the cone after each round, making it increasingly challenging. The last person standing wins a sweet victory.

Candy Toss

A timeless favourite among people of all ages, this classic game will surely be a crowd-pleaser. All that’s required is a bag of candy, a few bowls, and someone to keep track of the score. The goal is simple: stand at a distance from your bowl and attempt to toss the candy into it. After 1 minute, the person with the highest candy count in their bowl emerges as the victor.

Chopstick Candy Challenge

Grab a set of chopsticks, an empty bowl, and another bowl with candies to play the game. Race against time as players, one by one, use the chopsticks to move candies into the empty bowl. The one who transfers the most candies within the time limit wins.

Bobbing For Gummies

This party game with a candy theme promises a bit of a mess, so pick a spot that’s easy to tidy up later. Equip each player with a pie tin or a paper plate. Put about ten gummy bears at the tin’s base and top them with whipped cream. With hands tied behind their backs, participants sit in front of their tins and dive face-first into the cream to retrieve the gummies. The first person to succeed is the winner.

Guess The Number

Take a glass jar and fill it up with little candies, whether they’re wrapped sweets, or Skittles poured out from a bag. As you fill it, don’t just toss them in randomly—count them along the way to get the final number. Pass the jar around, and let everyone make their guess. The one who comes closest to the actual amount gets to take home the jar and all the goodies inside.

Gummy Bear Scoop Race

Pour numerous packs of gummy bears into an empty pail and position another empty bucket next to it. Allow each player 60 seconds to move as many gummy bears as possible from one bucket to the other using a spoon. Players must not use their fingers to place the bears on the spoon; anyone who does is eliminated. Once again, the player with the most gummies in the bucket at the end wins. Players get to keep the gummies they successfully transfer.

Cookie Decorating Relay

Turn cookie decorating into a lively relay race. Divide your guests into teams and set up decorating stations with plain cookies, icing, and toppings. Each team member takes turns running to the station to add their creative touch to the cookie. The team with the most impressive and delicious cookies at the finish line wins.

Lollipop Scavenger Hunt

Hide lollipops around the party area and provide guests with clues to find them. The one who collects the most lollipops or finishes the scavenger hunt first gets a special sweet prize. It’s a playful way to explore the party space while enjoying the sweet hunt.

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