Cooking Basics: Roasted Root Vegetables.

So you learnt to roast a chicken with us last week and it’s time to add some delicious roasted root vegetables and be on your way to a full roast dinner. Just like our roast chicken recipe, lets keep things simple to start with. Once your comfortable with the basics, we can add fancy herbs and spices.

Cooking Basics: Roasted Root Vegetables.

Other root vegetables to consider roasting; onions, sweet potatoes, beetroots, fennel or maybe celeriac? Consider the meat that will be the centerpiece of your roast dinner and which vegetable will best compliment it. Chicken with roast potatoes and carrots? Beef with roast beetroot or fennel? Turkey with roast sweet potatoes?

You could always leave the meat out all together and go full roast vegetable dinner if you prefer?!

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Cooking Basics: Roasted Root Vegetables.

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