How much is 6 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald’s?

How much is 6 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald’s?

It seems like a random question, but did you know it is currently one of the most Google-asked questions? It is probably how you found this post.

So, if you are here for that answer, it costs presently £4.59 where we are in the UK. Seeing it written down in a blog post seems so expensive, yet it is one of the most popular items on the menu.

It is easy to see why though, let’s face it, nothing beats McDonald’s chicken nuggets, I can eat them without any sides. If you are wondering what they are made of, it is real chicken, but it is minced chicken with a breadcrumb coating.

Give me a box of 6-piece McNuggets and a BBQ dip (personal preference, there isn’t a better choice!) and I will be happy as that is one of the best ways to enjoy them.

I think it has to be said that MacDonald’s trumps Burger King any day of the week and is my favourite fast food chain, there is just something about the golden arches that makes a hungry tummy happy. However, I won’t lie, sometimes the serving of food is a little off but then they are always busy.

How much is 6 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald's

Popular items on the McDonald’s menu

If you are a fan of fast food (no judgement here!) then you may be aware of the McDonald’s menu already. However, if you are not, then they have what I would call their staple menu items and then they have a menu on a rotating cycle, with items usually rotating every few weeks.

Their staple items on the menu include:

McDonald’s McNuggets – These are one of my go-to on the menu, there is nothing fancy about them but the fast food giant nails them every time. They are real comfort food. They have a number of other chicken items to pick from including chicken selects.

Happy Meal – Perfect for children with a smaller portion of fries or carrot sticks, you can pick from 4 McDonald’s nuggets, a burger, veggie fingers and fish fingers. This is a child-size portion but is more than enough for those with a small appetite.

Fries – Their fries are delicious and usually golden brown, though most likely because they are fried! You can get small fries through to large ones depending on your hunger.

Burgers – The staple burgers on their menu are hamburgers, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, quarter pounder burger and their popular Big Mac. I love a Big Mac, its sauce is delicious and it has double patties and gherkins, yummy! They also have a range of chicken and veggie burgers too.

Soft drinks – They do a wide range of chilled drinks, from your usual soft drinks to milkshakes and orange juice. There are also hot drinks too which are popular.

Wraps and salads – Yes you can pick a wrap or a salad too, but I’ll be honest, if I am in a fast-food chain, I am not there for the healthiest option.

They also have a savers menu which is the more affordable option if you are still looking for something yummy for your taste buds but don’t want to spend too much.

How much is 6 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald's

Limited time menu

As I have said before, McDonald’s rotate their menu outside of the usual’s on the menu and these vary depending on the time of the year.

In the past, we have had burgers from around the world where there are adjustments to the sauce to make it spicy for example or to change the flavours to give a BBQ taste. One thing they like to change is their Big Tasty burger. They also do sometimes change their McDonald’s chicken McNuggets into spicy McNuggets, so keep an eye out for those.

They also offer a variety of sides throughout the year, with things such as mozzarella dippers, garlic cheesy bites and chilli cheesy bites. Perfect if you are a fan of cheese.

How much is a 20 piece chicken nugget?

If you want a few more nuggets, you can get 20 piece chicken nuggets for £6.79! You can keep up to date on the 20 piece nugget price via that site, which is ideal as they are constantly moving!

McDonald’s app

I can’t believe that I only discovered that Mcdonald’s has an app this year and I have been missing out. You can use your app to get points from when you order and order your meals on the go either to pick up or have delivered but you can also collect the bonus properties from their Monopoly game on it too.

They also offer deals from time to time, depending on your local McDonald’s, including getting yourself some free nuggets when you have enough points! Your points can be converted and the more you have, the better the reward who doesn’t want a free McDonald item?

All in all, a handy little bonus if you are heading there anyway, so it is well worth an app download.

How much is 6 piece chicken nuggets at McDonald's

How to reheat McDonald’s fries

The one thing I do not like about their fries though is the fact if you pick up some food or have it delivered, the french fries always seem to feel a little cold. So we tend to reheat them when we get in.

Usually, I would pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds or so, however, if you have an air fryer, stick them in there for 1 minute on reheat and they are perfect. I have found the air fryer to be the best way to reheat them and it is a good idea to pop them on a microwaveable plate when you do.

One thing is for sure, no matter where you are, you are no doubt close to one of McDonald’s locations in the UK as there are 1400 of them up and down the country. So regardless of your favourite food item from there, you can pop in when it suits! So whether you are after some of their delicious chicken McNuggets on your way home after a busy day or just some fries and a shake, they have it all.

Don’t forget though if you have any food allergies, make sure you check out the ingredients and cross-check just in case of contamination! If you are interested in the nutrition information, this can all be found on their website, which is handy if you are on a daily diet or just for your own individual needs.

You came to find out how much 6-piece chicken nuggets are at McDonald’s and have left knowing just what is on the menu and how to reheat their fries!

If you are after more easy midweek meal ideas, check out this section of the site.

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