Leftover Chicken Curry

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On rare occasions, we have meat leftover from a roast dinner. Sometimes we plan ahead and deliberately cook a larger joint of meat to get two meals out of it. Consequently, our leftover chicken curry goes down a storm. Using little more than basic ingredients that we have lying around in the back of a cupboard (and the leftover meat of course). We can fill our belly in less than an hour.

Leftover Chicken Curry.

This is another versatile recipe that we turn to a lot. For example, at Christmas, we always have leftover Turkey, simply switching out the leftover chicken for leftover turkey meat makes for a mean meaty meal.

Our recipe uses mild spices (not hot), however, if you like some heat in your curry just add a freshly sliced red chilli or two and leave the seeds in! Moreover, you could leave the meat out entirely and throw in more vegetables. For example, how about some potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushrooms or maybe even Brussel sprouts?

With this in mind, we would love you to try our quick leftover chicken curry a try and let us know how you got on? Above all, we would love to hear what other meats, vegetables and spices you use in your curries. Obviously, this recipe for leftover roast chicken is just one of the many ways to use up leftovers.

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Leftover Chicken Curry.

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