8 Family meals on a budget

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With the cost of living going up, many of us are looking for family meals on a budget and I have been checking out some of the best cheap family meals there are currently and gathered them all up for you in this post.

When you have a household of hungry people who are all fussy eaters, finding the right family meals that everyone can enjoy on a budget is always a struggle, we have been looking for some meals that we can all enjoy and I’ve rounded them all up in this post.

8 Family meals on a budget

Creamy mushroom pasta – 

So simple to make and such a budget-friendly recipe! This can be made with most ingredients we have in our cupboard or fridge on a weekly basis and I think it would work well if you have items that need using up such as spinach, pasta etc.

Sausage curry

I love a good curry, our leftover chicken curry is always being cooked. Our son is not a fan of curries though, however, I suspect he would clear the plate with this one. We have most of these ingredients in the cupboard so we can give this one a go soon.

8 Family meals on a budget

Simple Vegetable Stew Recipe

If you are looking for a simple dinner, that packs a hearty punch, how about this vegetable stew? The recipe packs a punch in the flavour but without hitting the purse strings.

Serve this up with some dumplings or crusty rolls to make this a great home-cooked meal after a long day.

Sausage stew

Another recipe that can be popped into the slow cooker and cooked during the day.

Sausages are a cheaper meat at the minute compared to some others and it is becoming something that we tend to lean towards more than others at the moment simply for this reason.

Veggie chilli tortilla baskets

We have made this recipe a number of times since we saw it on the programme Eat Well For Less.

It was something I was a little unsure about as I am not a huge fan of lentils however it always turns out delicious. This is a great way to use up some leftovers such as peppers, tomatoes etc too, food waste is something we are working on reducing.

Fish finger tacos

Tacos are a great dish for the family as they can pick and choose what they would like to add. However, with the rising costs of meats, it is not always an option to have them on our menu.

So we have tried out these fish finger tacos with the kids and they went down a storm! No complicated recipes or hard work to create this recipe, just great midweek food that the family can enjoy along with your purse strings.

8 Family meals on a budget

Beefy Fajita Mac and Cheese

This recipe is a little different! If you have a family that loves mac and cheese, why not mix it up a little with this beefy fajita mac and cheese?

Sometimes simple is always the winner, however, mixing it up once in a while keeps the family on their toes plus gives everyone something different to look forward to.

Cheat’s fish pie recipe

We don’t eat enough fish in our household as it sometimes works out too expensive for us however this dish works out to £2 a portion however it could be reduced more in cost by adding more vegetables to the mix and a little less fish.

If you don’t fancy the lattice topping, you could replace this with mashed potatoes instead.

These are just a few of the best meals on-budget recipes you can find online for cheap meals, however, there are still so many more out there too. We are going to be working on some great budget-friendly recipes in the coming weeks that are also easy and simple to make. Don’t forget if you are looking for ways to use up leftovers, why not check out this leftover chicken curry recipe which everyone loves.

8 Family meals on a budget

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